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December 15 2014

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The Hanged Man - Redemption through sacrifice. Enforced sacrifice. Suffering. Suspension, restriction, letting go.
Martyrdom, indecision, delay. Punishment. Loss. Defeat. Failure. Death.

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promised she-shonen I’d make one for her Inquisitor and here I am

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Inquisitor Tarot by AlexielApril

Have you seen those beautiful pictures right? Those tarots of the characters in Dragon Age … and according to you I should not create a tarot with my inquisitor ?!
So i present my inquisitor Agness Trevelyan aka the empress of major tarots

this AMAZING DRAW http://papercrow.tumblr.com/post/98831377964/the-star-look-i-made-a-tarot-card-for-my
push me to realize the same with my inquisitor

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Ace of Pentacles - Josephine Montilyet

I loved Josie. I really did. I think about Josie with her hair down a LOT. The suit of Pentacles represents her extremely well, tying in to her drive for financial prosperity, self-image, and practicality.

Vivienne is next :)

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Playing Dragon Age: Inquisition as an Elven female. Pursuing Cullen.

Oh my days they are just so wonderful together. It makes me smile, it really does!

I just had to draw them together! Drawn in Adobe Photoshop using a Wacom Intuos 4.

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just a scribble to break the silence.

When I first played the game, I thought it would’ve been so cool if he had a hawk ‘familiar’ :P

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And another one

"Lavellan and the Dread Wolf" Inquisition Tarot Card

I’m having fun with these, so I’m thinking of starting commissions for them and doing a giveaway.

I’ll post the details for it later on in the week for my followers so stay tuned!

Edit* deleted the other post because I wrote Dire wolf instead of dread wolf, and I’m super OCD, and couldn’t stop thinking about all the people that would point it out and laugh at me for the rest of my life. Ok maybe not, but yes I’m  a bit OCD. Ok sleep now.

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XIII. DEATH - Rajan Adaar

this is my ace necromancer… smaller than many qunari as she is the runt of her kind. like i said this was an experiment so it’s not much like the game’s tarot cards but i wanted to make it anyway C: full view!

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Hello again! I finished Hawke’s Tarot Card! I hope you all like :3

*now Im going to work on commissions*

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The Trickster: Tarot card

Just finished DA:I can’t wait for an expansion/DLC

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Lavellan Tarot Card.

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Lavellan Tarot

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December 14 2014

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I believe this encompasses just how much Cullen hates Red Templars

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"Cullen Romanced"

I can’t stop playing Dragon Age: Inquisition….

 In the game, there are character cards for your companions and they change if you romance one of them. So I figured I’d do a character card for my own inquisitor for after she romances Commander Cullen. 

God this is such an awesome game!

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Cullen is really hard to draw like omg

One week to go!!!!

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December 11 2014

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ᵈʳᵃᵍᵒᶰ ᵃᵍᵉ ᶜᵒᶰᶜᵉᵖᵗ ᵃʳᵗˑ

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red riding hawke and the big bad fenris

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Cole from DAI.

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