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March 06 2015

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I wish they’d kept the concept idea of Dorian having a monkey because you know that thing would treat Bull like a jungle gym and Bull would LOVE IT

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Adoribull protecting each other in battle!

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honestly how are you gonna download the bi dorian mod. how are you gonna romance him with a f!inquisitor and listen to his story and the violent homophobia he’s faced and how it made him an exile from his homeland and not feel like a mountainous pile of literal garbage.

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Husbands for roxack !!! 

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February 21 2015

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T he Grey Wardens are an order of warriors of exceptional ability dedicated to fighting darkspawn throughout Thedas. They are headquartered in the very place of their founding, the Weisshaupt Fortress in the Anderfels, but maintain a presence in most other nations as well. Despite their small numbers, the Grey Wardens have been instrumental in defeating each Blight so far, and thus are vital to the survival of the world as a whole.

The World of Thedas

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January 12 2015

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Comic dedicated to idrawcubes as she keeps filling my head with all kinds of adorable ideas on how during his short stay at Skyhold, Alistair would chat with Cullen about the early Templar training days.  My mind wondered to this suggestion by several people around the fandom.

I know it wouldn’t have actually been Alistair.  Even if they are roughly about the same age, IIRC Alistair was only ever doing training at the chantry, and never made it all the way up to work at a Circle Tower.  I still wouldn’t have put it past Alistair that it was actually him in Cullen’s story, had he stayed with the Templars just a little longer…

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Mage and Templar epilogue artwork

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December 29 2014

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The finished Leliana painting

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completely gave up on the clothes tbh…

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December 23 2014

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am i the only one

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Inspired by [x]

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The biggest travesty of Dragon Age Inquisition is that this art nouveau dress was worn by anybody other than my Inquisitor. 

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Everybody draws him like he’s a cute puppy dog (which he kinda is) So I wanted to show a bit more of his badass side. 

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December 16 2014

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I return to tumblr only to discover that eternalshiva and artsyneurotic did a thing. Two actually. I’m so angry.

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..another kiss in the Fade, ma vhenan?

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December 15 2014

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Sketch request ladies!

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Inquisitor Cards

by Shalizeh

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